5 Ways to Stop Texting While Driving

Everyone knows texting while driving is dangerous. Everyone also knows, old habits die hard. The following tips are guaranteed to assist drivers who have the will, to be more responsible on the road, but do not have the way...... Read More >>

The Dangers of Summer Driving

Everyone knows that snow, ice and short daylight hours make winter driving dangerous. However, summer driving comes with its share of unique dangers and distractions as well. According to the Department of Transportation, summer is the most dangerous driving season as most fatal crashes occur from June through August. Check out the list of summer driving dangers below to make sure you know what to look out for on the road in the coming months. ..... Read More >>

LifeSaver App Helps Parents Protect Teen Drivers

As cell phone distractions have become more of an issue while driving in recent years, cell phone companies have been developing applications for smartphones that work to reduce distracted driving incidents and keep everybody safe while on the road.  ..... Read More >>

The Numbers Behind Distracted Driving

Driving while distracted, whether it be by a cell phone, passengers, the radio or someone walking down the street, is a dangerous activity that can have life-altering consequences. Although it can be hard to avoid the fun and tempting activities going on while behind the wheel, none of them are worth risking someone’s life. Check out the video below to learn about some of the statistics surrounding distracted driving. ..... Read More >>

New Indiana Laws Aim to Crack Down on Distracted Driving

Instances of crashes caused by distracted driving have become more commonplace in recent years. The groups that most often fall victim to this dangerous temptation are teens and young adults. In an effort to reduce the amount of deadly crashes involving distracted young drivers, the state of Indiana has devised a few new traffic laws, effective July of 2015. ..... Read More >>

New York Fights Distracted Driving with ‘Text Stops’

The advancement of technology has created a need for humans to always feel connected. People are talking, texting and updating at work, school, home and, most dangerously, behind the wheel. Because simply telling people to disconnect themselves from other distractions while driving doesn’t always work, New York state has come up with a creative solution that offers drivers a reason to put down their cell phones while the car is in motion...... Read More >>

How to Save a Life (Your Life)

The writers and producers of Grey’s Anatomy chose to highlight the issue of distracted driving on numerous occasions.  Most recently, they used the departure of one of the central cast members as an opportunity to touch on the topic again.

.....

Flashback to the Beginning of

  Texting while driving has become one of the leading causes of accidents involving young people in the state of Indiana. Because the issue has become so prevalent, State Farm Insurance has funded a grant to educate young drivers about the hazards of driving while texting.
.....

Longview PD Combats Distracted Driving

  In an attempt to combat distracted driving, the Longview Police Department in Longview, TX is purchasing two simulators that will demonstrate the dangers of distracted. State Farm presented a check for $27,000 to Police Chief Don Dingler...... Read More >>

Distracted Driving

  We’ve all heard about the dangers of distracted driving. It’s time that we finally start doing something about it. Be a responsible driver is the first thing everyone can do in order to combat the epidemic that claims the lives of so many each year...... Read More >>
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