New AT&T app available to help in the fight against texting and driving

 If you find yourself feeling unable to resist the urge to reach for your ringing, beeping or buzzing phone while you are driving, you are not alone. ..... Read More >>

The battle to enforce ‘no texting and driving legislation’ continues…

Approximately three years since the Indiana General Assembly passed legislation making it illegal to use any “telecommunications device to type, transmit or read a text message or an electronic mail message” while driving, some agencies are reporting that the bill is challenging to enforce..... Read More >>

MLB Catcher Says No to Texting While Driving

Matt Wieters, catcher for the Baltimore Orioles, talked to students at River Hill High School in Howard County about texting and driving.  The students got to see the true dangers of texting and driving firsthand.  With the wheel of a driving simulator in one hand and a cell phone in the other, they saw just how easy it is to have or cause an accident. ..... Read More >>

Nassau County’s New Anti-Texting and Driving Plan

Kathleen Rice, District Attorney of Nassau County, NY, recently announced a five-point plan to combat texting while driving.  Her plan includes urging auto insurance providers and smartphone service providers to take measures to limit distracted driving...... Read More >>

Woman Survives Crash, Warns Against Distracted Driving

Quorteshia Johnson of Montgomery, AL suffered multiple injuries in a car accident in May of last year. She was not wearing her seatbelt and was sending a text message at the time of the accident.  She swerved to avoid an oncoming car and ended up in the woods.  She was ejected from her car and suffered severe injuries as a result. ..... Read More >>

New Efforts in Wisconsin to Stop Texting While Driving

For the fifth year, the Wisconsin State Patrol, AT&T and AAA have teamed up for the It Can Wait® campaign, a series of statewide high school events informing students of the dangers of texting and driving. There will be 25 assemblies at schools across the state during this current school year...... Read More >>

Simulator Shows the Dangers of Texting While Driving

Your Last Words is a campaign that seeks to show teens the costs of texting while driving.  Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) notes that it is a problem “in Manitoba and all across Canada and the United States.”  ..... Read More >>

Police: Texting while driving causes teen to roll pickup truck

 A 17-year-old boy crashed his pickup truck Sunday afternoon after texting while driving caused him to lose control, a PVPD spokesman said. ..... Read More >>

PSA Shows Danger Of Texting While Driving

  Texting while driving is against the law across South Dakota but it is a habit some people find hard to break.  Texting while driving is a secondary offense in South Dakota, which means you have to be pulled over for something else first.  If you are caught texting and driving, the fine is $100...... Read More >>

Who are those distracted teen drivers calling and texting? Often, mom or dad

 Noelle LaVoie, a cognitive psychologist and president of Parallel Consulting in Petaluma, California conducted a study to find out who teens are talking to when they are texting and driving.  The study found that up to half of teens talking on cellphones while driving are speaking with their mother or father.  Teens have previously reported seeing their parents and others use their cellphones while driving, which makes it seem as if it's the social norm, according to the study authors.
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