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Distracted Driving

 We’ve all heard about the dangers of distracted driving. It’s time that we finally start doing something about it. Be a responsible driver is the first thing everyone can do in order to combat the epidemic that claims the lives of so many each year.


The safe operation of your car or truck should be your primary responsibility. It is only then that you can guarantee your safety and those of others. Drivers are urged to not let anything distract them when they are on the road. Cell phones should only be used in emergencies. Because not everyone will read this article, it is up to you to protect yourself. While many of these are already laws, sometimes we seem to forget.


  • Always buckle up
  • Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road
  • Don’t let a phone call distract you from driving safely
  • Allow voicemail to handle your calls and return them at your convenience
  • Pull off the road to a safe area or ask a passenger to make or take a call for you
  • Use a hands-free device if available
  • Suspend conversation during hazardous driving conditions
  • Do not engage in stressful or emotional conversations while driving
  • Never take notes or look up numbers while driving


Distracted driving is very dangerous. Regardless of the skill level of the driver, texting takes anyone’s attention off the road. The road gets us where we need to go. The road is also unforgiving. Get involved. Be informed. In a world where everyone is always rushing, take a moment to prepare yourself. Texting can always wait. What’s the rush? Stand up to promote safe driving.


The conversation you put on hold while driving could save someone’s life. Log on to to learn more.

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