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Longview PD Combats Distracted Driving

 In an attempt to combat distracted driving, the Longview Police Department in Longview, TX is purchasing two simulators that will demonstrate the dangers of distracted. State Farm presented a check for $27,000 to Police Chief Don Dingler.


In a statement from KLTV, Chief Dingler said: “Well, obviously distracted driving is a problem. Most of that is with cell phones. We hope that the children will learn to wait and do their texting after they finish driving.”


A surprising 43% of drivers said they used their cell phones while driving. From that number, only half believed they were at risk for being distracted.  A study shows that teenage women were more likely to use their cell phones while driving. While these numbers serve to inform that teenagers are more likely to use their phones while driving, it also shows how uninformed teenagers are about driving risks. In the time it takes to read a text message and respond (roughly eight seconds), a car traveling 55-mph would have traveled the length of a football field. That is a long distance to travel without knowing what is happening on the road. There aren’t any signs saying, “Put down the cell phone and brake for the person that pulled out in front of you.”


Studies like these are the reason agencies purchase tools that will help to educate the general public. Practicing safe driving is another tool at our disposal. If we can first put our phones away, our chance of being involved in an accident is greatly decreased. Without a cell phone notification, our minds will stay focused on driving. When you eliminate distractions, you will find yourself becoming more aware of your surroundings. This will give you an advantage against others that might be texting or driving blindly.


While we sincerely appreciate the purchase for additional equipment, putting cellular devices away while driving is the goal. This goal is attainable, one person at a time. It starts with each and every one of us. For more information, please log onto

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