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New York Fights Distracted Driving with ‘Text Stops’

The advancement of technology has created a need for humans to always feel connected. People are talking, texting and updating at work, school, home and, most dangerously, behind the wheel. Because simply telling people to disconnect themselves from other distractions while driving doesn’t always work, New York state has come up with a creative solution that offers drivers a reason to put down their cell phones while the car is in motion.
Two years ago, the state of New York unveiled a plan to create 91 “Text Stops” along state highways. While the idea of having almost 100 designated areas along main thoroughfares sounds like a highly expensive undertaking, the whole project hardly cost any money at all.
The main idea behind this project was to create texting-specified signage for pre-existing rest stops. These signs, that read “Text Stop” and include the distance of the stop from the point where the sign is located, are designed to give drivers an idea of how far they have to go before they come across a place where they can safely pull off the road to check their phones.
This takes some of the urgency out of the situation. The promise of a place to pull over, get a snack, stretch your legs and hold uninterrupted phone conversations may be enough to encourage people to wait until they reach the stop before grabbing the phone.
In addition to the implementation of Text Stops, NYPD vowed to increase the amount of distracted driving citations issued on New York roadways. The amount of these citations issued in the summer of 2013 was a 365% increase from the amount issued during the same period of time in 2012.
In 2013, the state of New York also advocated on behalf of the installation of distracted driving applications that lock a driver’s cell phone while he or she is behind the wheel. All of this is part of the governor of New York’s effort to reduce the amount of crashes caused by distracted driving. To see a full list of the New York Text Stops, visit
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