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LifeSaver App Helps Parents Protect Teen Drivers

As cell phone distractions have become more of an issue while driving in recent years, cell phone companies have been developing applications for smartphones that work to reduce distracted driving incidents and keep everybody safe while on the road.

Apple and Android have both come out with several cell phone applications that work to reduce cases of texting and driving. Even auto insurance companies have developed apps and programs that offer incentives for safe driving.
This month, the LifeSaver – Distracted Driving app, a product of Life Apps LLC, underwent an update which made it easier than ever for parents to protect their teens from distracted driving.
The LifeSaver app gives parents the power to ensure that their children’s cell phones are locked when they are driving a vehicle. When the app senses that the car is in motion, the phone will automatically lock so the driver is unable to use it. The app is password protected so it cannot be disabled by any unauthorized party. Also, if someone attempts to unlock the phone while the vehicle is in motion, a notification is sent to the parents’ cell phones that their child is attempting to text and drive. Once the vehicle stops, the app will unlock the phone within seconds.
The settings of the app are extremely customizable so parents can have as many or as few restrictions as they choose. Parents can activate a ‘Passenger Unlock’ feature that allows their children to use their phones while they are passengers in a vehicle. There is also an ‘Emergency Unlock’ feature that can be activated which allows children to unlock their phones in emergencies. In both of these cases, notifications are sent to the parents’ cell phones which discourages abuse of these features.
The app also comes with an optional feature that helps parents to monitor and reward their young drivers for driving safely. The feature tracks the amount of time that the driver has been safely operating a vehicle and adds up corresponding rewards determined by the parents. This provides teens with an incentive to break dangerous driving habits.
The LifeSaver app is free to download from both the App Store and Google play. For more information on the app and how it is keeping young drivers safe, visit  
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