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The Dangers of Summer Driving

Everyone knows that snow, ice and short daylight hours make winter driving dangerous. However, summer driving comes with its share of unique dangers and distractions as well. According to the Department of Transportation, summer is the most dangerous driving season as most fatal crashes occur from June through August. Check out the list of summer driving dangers below to make sure you know what to look out for on the road in the coming months.
-Increased amount of pedestrians
-More traveling drivers and young drivers on the road
-Summer rain storms creating poor visibility and slippery/flooded conditions
-Allergy symptoms such as sneezing as well as drowsiness caused by allergy medications
-More road construction areas
-Increased number of motorcycles and bicyclists on the road
-Glares from the sun causing impaired vision
-Hot air causing more tire blowouts
-Rolled down windows causing distractions blowing around the vehicle
These are just some of the dangers that come with driving during summer months. Be sure to always remain alert while behind the wheel. By being aware of these distractions and dangers, we can make the summer roadways safer for everybody! 
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