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5 Ways to Stop Texting While Driving


1.       Tell your circle you will no longer text and drive

The average person receives daily text messages from a circle of people. Perhaps mom, the BFF, and “bae” text you daily.  As popular as you may be, everyone in your Contact List is not sending daily text messages. Thus, send a group text (while you are NOT driving), which explains your commitment to avoiding texting and driving. Inform them of your intention to reply once you have arrived at your destination. One of the biggest concerns of texting drivers is friends and family interpreting a failure to reply in a negative manner. Such confusion can be avoided by simply giving your circle notice.


2.       Pretend your phone is not in car

When entering your car, turn your ringer AND the vibrating setting off. If you hear your phone, your curiosity is peeked, and you now “need” to know whom has said what. If the phone is silent and underneath a seat or in the bottom of a purse in the backseat, you are less likely to handle the device. 


3.       Find the appeal in being un-reachable

Do you remember answering machines? If you have never used one, surely you have seen them in action via old television sitcoms or films. When a person was outside of their residence, the caller left a message and simply looked forward to a call back. No one expected to reach anyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is something classic, and a tad bit mysterious, about being unreachable sometimes. Make your next #TBT unreachability while you are driving. And who knows, you may enjoy it enough to extend it to other areas, perhaps the bathroom.


4.       Find a good radio station

You may believe radio is outdated, over-run with commercials, and nothing more than repetitive music.  Well, you would be wrong. There are tons of great stations out there. You would be surprised what you could learn from talk radio. You may discover symphonic band melodies bring you peace. There are also several jazz stations grooving around the air waves. Prior to beginning your drive, turn the dial to a station you have never heard. Think of your drive as a Radio Expedition into the unknown. No time for your predictable phone.


5.       Reclaim the age old art of paying attention

When was the last time you laughed at a license plate? Have you seen a setting sun lately? Have you noticed whether the mother and child crossing at the stoplight are distressed or joyous? When did, paying attention to your surroundings become unnecessary at best, and a nuisance at worst? When you are driving, you need all hands on deck (literally and figuratively).  Your mind, your eyes, and your hands have one goal. Safety. Safety for yourself, safety for your passengers, safety for other drivers and passengers, safety for bike cyclist and motorcyclist, and safety for pedestrians should be your chief priority. 

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